Marine Mouldings

Custom Mouldings is the proud manufacturer of the Drascombe range of boats for Churchouse Boats Limited; it’s a service we hold in high esteem, and one we have the capabilities to replicate for other businesses within the industry.


What We Offer

Marine Mouldings

We can help you with the manufacture of hulls, decks and all ancillary items.

Our marine GRP solutions are a bespoke, premium way to take your specific requirements and ensure they are delivered with the best possible quality. As a non-corrosive material (which can even be made chemically resistant), GRP is a popular choice for chemical dosing and other applications in the water industry. Plus, it’s durable, top quality and adaptable to your needs.

Examples of Marine Mouldings include:

  • Drascombe range of boats
  • GRP Dinghies
  • GRP Hulls
  • GRP Decks
  • Hatches
  • Boat repairs

*Some images courtesy of Drascombe Boats (