GRP Simulator Domes

Custom Mouldings are renowned for our exceptional GRP dome manufacturing and installation services: we’re the ‘go to’ partner for organisations around the world. From London to Germany, Rome to Langkawi, our highly skilled team provides bespoke screens and domes, crafted to design specifications for an exciting client base.


What We Offer

GRP Simulator Domes

We can help you create and install bespoke simulator domes for your next major event, training or leisure facility.

Our GRP simulator dome solutions can be customised for:

  • GRP Spherical and Cylindrical Simulator Screens
  • F1 Driving Simulator Screens
  • Driver training Simulator Screens
  • Navy training simulator screens
  • Theme Park Immersive tunnel simulator screens
  • Hemispherical GRP Domes

Immersive Simulator Domes

A GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) simulator dome is a type of enclosure used to create immersive experiences, such as simulations or virtual reality environments. These domes are made from a combination of glass fibres and plastic resin, which makes them strong and durable while also being lightweight. They are often used in military training simulations, aviation simulators, and other applications where realism and accuracy are important.

One of the main benefits of using a GRP dome for simulation is the wide field of view that it provides. Because the dome is completely enclosed, it allows users to look in any direction and see the simulated environment around them. This can help to create a more immersive and realistic experience, as it allows users to feel like they are truely “inside” the simulation.

Multi Use Simulator Domes

In addition to their use in simulation, GRP domes are also popular for use in other applications, such as observatories and planetariums. The clear, unobstructed view provided by the dome allows for an unparalleled viewing experience of the night sky or other visual displays.

Overall, GRP simulator domes are a versatile and effective tool for creating immersive experiences and environments and are used in a wide range of applications where realism and accuracy are important.