General Fibre Glass Mouldings

As one of the UK’s leading glass fibre moulding manufacturers, you can trust in our attention to detail, dedication and exceptional standards within each and every project we work on.

Explore our varied portfolio of general moulding projects and get a feel for the quality and huge range of our work.

Examples of General Mouldings include:

  • Any bespoke mouldings
  • Kiosks
  • Under water Anode shields
  • Bollards
  • Planters
  • Life Raft Holders
  • MOD Seats for ships
  • F1 Garage tool boxes
  • Containers for Water treatment plants
  • Security Camera covers
  • Remote controlled boats for Environmental agencies
  • Theme Park restoration services – Flumes, rock restoration etc
  • Leisure Centre slides
  • Medical Boxes
  • Overlaying Polystyrene props
  • 6m Aircraft refuelling nose cone transportation containers

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